Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Read & Review *** Hope Falls:Kissed By A Seal - Zoe York, Can't Forget Her - Molly McLain, Getting His Hopes Up - Erin Nicholas.*** Dirty Sexy Saint - Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde. *** Speaking Greek (Foreign Exchange Series #1) - Selena Lawrence

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Hope Falls: Kissed by a SEAL
it was amazing
OMG I did not want this book to end. Zoe York definitely knows how to write sweet sexy romance book. I loved Jason & Julie and right from the beginning you are hooked and totally routing for this couple. It is short and to the point, th...

Can't Forget Her
it was amazing
River Bend meets Hope Falls!!! Okay so 9yrs ago Ryan Croft saw the Love of his life curled up on another man's lap. And still hasn't got Rosie out of his mind fully, So he goes on vacation to Tahoe with his buddies. Rosemary is getting ...

Hope Falls Series: Getting His Hopes Up
it was amazing
There is nothing better than some of your favourite Author's coming together as Sapphire Falls comes together with Hope Falls. In this novel we meet Dr. Jason and Tara. Jason has come to Hope Falls for the reading of his friend and ment...

Dirty Sexy Saint
it was amazing
Samantha comes from a very wealthy background but left it all behind when she overheard her father trying to marry her off like she was some sort of business deal. Clay who had a horrible childhood and had to fight to keep everything he ...

Speaking Greek
Speaking Greek is book #1 of Foreign Exchange Series where we meet Tess who has been chosen for an Internship on the beautiful Greek island of Georgios. She is a girl who is a very big believer in following the rules. However when we mee...

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