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#Release!!! Shattered Love By Author Dani Rene


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The boy from the wrong side of town. The girl who stole his heart.
For five years, I’ve lived with my choice.
Pain. Regret. Heartache.
A shattered soul.
She was my salvation. My love. My world.
Until I let her walk away.
For five years, I’ve lived with my secret.
Hurt. Remorse. Sorrow.
A shattered soul.
He was my life. My love. My world.
Until he let me walk away.
Broken hearts, shattered by love.
Secrets. Deception. Lies.
Can shattered love be mended?

My Review

As this was my first read by Author Dani Rene, I didn't know what to expect or the style of writing, but OMG I have to admit the story in different POV's was absolutely amazing!!! Not all authors can pull off writing in first person but Dani Rene definitely pulled it off, for me. You can tell that she poured her heart and soul into this story.
I fell in love with Ivy, for me she is an awesome strong character who has had her heart broken into many pieces and must put it back together with the help of her very good friend Bryce. For five years she has tried, but only one person can put all the pieces back together and that is Jayce, he has the biggest missing piece Ivy needs. The middle.
Jayce is living his life like a ghost since the day he let Ivy walk out his door. Everywhere he goes, Every girl he meets all he see's is Ivy and it is slowly eating him alive. That all changes when his photography skills are called into need for a high profile wedding.
Once Ivy and Jayce see each other sparks fly and it is awesome and it is awesome the way the scene is wrote so vividly my head was going back and fourth waiting to see what would happen next as five years of lies and secrets are unveiled. The suspense was unreal and I was on the verge of my seat, I loved the way the author kept you guessing the whole way through this amazing read!! It was packed full of emotion and not just from Jayce and Ivy but also the secondary characters too. The lies and deceit that unfold will have you turning the pages for more, but what kept me reading was the second chance at true love and I was rooting for these too get their HEA.


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