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Mandy Thomas Author ~ Hard To Feel Series (Hard To Feel Whole, Hard To Feel Free, Hard To Be Strong - Companion Novella)

Hard to Feel series

Mandy Thomas
Mandy Thomas is an English born mother and teacher, living in Australia on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with her husband Barry and their two children. She enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a great book and glass of wine while soaking up the stunning Australian sunshine. Hard to Feel Whole is her debut novel and first in the Hard to Feel series. It follows Abbie James and her circle of friends through many of life’s challenges and possibilities.

Mandy Thomas is the author of the 'Hard to Feel' series, a hard hitting, compelling emotional series of stories that will challenge the mind and leave you aching for more.
Hard to Feel Whole    

At a tender age, Abigail James experienced events no one should ever have to go through; abuse, betrayal, broken promises and the heartbreaking loss of a friend.
Is it possible for her to find peace after ten years of hiding behind a shield of shyness and anti-social behavior, developing an unrealistic expectation of relationships?
Can a ghost from her past show her what it is to be truly loved and cherished? Can he make her feel whole again?


This was a new to me author and i did not know what to expect, being book 1 in the series it really sets the bar high for the other books.
The story of how Abbie and Jake fall in love is written really well, it is full of drama and is an emotional roller coaster. The writer makes you feel like you are going through things with her characters.
Abbie is a very strong, shy girl who only trusts her friend Jo and sticks with running. She has some very bad demons to battle to overcome her past. This is where we meet Jake after being seperated at the age of 8 and now being reunited 10years later, Jake shows Abbie what true love and support look like in being a good boyfriend.
It is a very raw and emotional compelling story that will sometimes have you laughing and crying with the characters :-)

Hard to Feel Free

Abbie didn’t believe in fairytales, why would she?
The second dramatic installment of the emotionally charged Hard to Feel series finds Abbie, desperate to find peace; free from the traumatic childhood that has held her captive for years.
Her happiness with Jake hangs in the balance as new challenges loom on the horizon, testing the strength of their bond.
Abbie battles her fears, struggling to leave the past where it belongs while Jake fights to keep what he has with the woman he loves


This is book #2 in Mandy's Hard To Feel Series and once again we meet Abbie and Jake along with their best friends Jo and Callum. Again Mandy does not disappoint where she takes these two characters. Jake and Abbie have been together now 5years and have moved into a nice little apartment, Being very grown-up and dealing with life after the difficult trial of Peter. They think they are on the home stretch, but life then throws them for a loop with a couple of more blows. As they deal with them together with Jo and Cal by their side. Can they come out the side with their love still in tack? Or will this latest blow of trauma and loss break these two?
Another massive hit for Mandy Thomas and I can't wait for book 3

Hard to Be Strong: Companion Novella

This Companion Novella is intended to follow Book 2 in the Hard to Feel series.

Throughout their friendship, Jo Johnson has proved her loyalty and worth as a best friend to Abbie James. Feisty and always one to speak her mind, Jo has earned quite the reputation among her friends. We see a different side to Jo in this tale as she battles to come to terms with demons of her own.

Jo and Callum are notorious for clashing swords; for expecting one thing, and often getting much more than either one of them bargained for. It's hard to be strong in times of adversity, but these two are used to fighting for what they want.

With enough desire and determination the deepest wounds can heal. Only this time maybe the hurt is too much...for both of them.


This gives us a more insight into the couple that have done nothing but be supportive and strong for their friends Jake and Abbie. It is full of fun, laughter and drama as Joey finally cracks and lets out a secret she has been keeping for the last 5years.
These two are an awesome addition to the series and I am glad we got a better look at them. lets just hope they can get past their hurdles and the love continues to grow. You will not be disappointed with the amazing novella

Hard to Feel More – Cover Reveal

The fourth story in the Hard to Feel series should see Abbie’s journey complete…for now. Hard to Feel More will hit the virtual shelves in early 2016, but for now…here is the cover. I hope you all like it.

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While you’re waiting to catch up with the latest comings and goings with Jake and Abbie have you read the rest of the books in the series? If not check them out through the following link…

Hard To Feel Whole Trailer