Tuesday, 1 March 2016

#Release!!!!! Forbidden Enticement By Author Steffy Rogers Release Date: March 1, 2016 Genre: Contemporay Romance

Forbidden Enticement 
Author: Steffy Rogers 

Release Date: March 1st, 2016
Cover Models: Michael Muench & Brooklyn
Cover Design By Graphiqkx by Brad
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I've been doing porn for five years - five years in which I've seen it all. Females don't last long in this business but somehow I have managed to. It's not a job I'm proud of, but it pays the bills and until I'm ready, I'm not giving it up. Even he can't change that. He doesn't know about the alter ego I slip into once a week. My porn name Cassidy Wilder remains a secret to him and I'm determined to keep Nash Ross out of the loop for as long as I can. I’m Heaven McDaniels and this is my story.

In this world the name Ross means something - it means power, strength, and success. I’m Nash Ross and I've worked hard to build my empire. A businessman like me doesn't have time for a relationship, not even with her. Heaven McDaniels - the mysterious girl who works for me. I know she has secrets and as much as I want to find out what she's hiding, I can't risk falling for her. I have to resist the temptation, no matter how hard it is.

When pornstar meets businessman can they deny their attraction or will the forbidden enticement draw them to each other even more?


This was my first Steffy Rogers book. And I very much enjoyed Forbidden Enticement from the beginning.
In this amazing novel we meet Heaven and Nash, totally different characters who you would not normally put together because of their lifestyle, but Steffy has made it work in an enjoyable way.
Nash is a successful business man, where Heaven is a Porn Star living with a secret identity just to make ends meet. A chance encounter at a bar one night totally changes things for these two and we are taken on an amazing journey filled with electricity, passion, suspense and absolutely full of surprises

Steffy Rogers is a self-professed bookaholic who is fluent in English, German and Sarcasm.
When she isn’t working or going to school, she spends her free time writing.
She makes a home in a college town in Georgia with her dog Karma and her cat Olaf.
However, her heart belongs in Germany, where she lived for twenty years prior to returning to the USA.

Though her memories of Germany are blurry due to the delicious beer, she knows one day she will return home for good.

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