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#ReleaseBlitz!!!!! SoulFate By RJ Thompson Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: March 1, 2016


Title: Soulfate

Author: RJ Thompson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: March 1, 2016


She never saw him coming

The life and soul of the party and date queen extraordinaire, Sonia watches as her best friend, Arianna, finally finds love with her destined soulmate. Although overjoyed for Arianna, she starts to feel the emptiness of her chosen lifestyle. A new project at the museum drags her attention and sets it onto an ancient mosaic. The larger than life warrior depicted increases Sonia’s want for a change in her life and someone to share it. But can she handle the emotions that are released when stone comes to life.


He should kill her, not protect her

Trapped by a vengeful god, Cosmos is destined to fight forever against the beasts of the underworld. Until the blood of the long lost oracle frees him from his purgatory and unleashes hell on to the mortal world. Can he make the ultimate sacrifice and destroy the oracle or will he submit to his wants and desires while standing against the gods to save her?

They must make their choice, in order to save the world as they know it.

Thrust together by fate and the goddess of love. Can Sonia and Cosmos go against all odds, trust each other, and finally admit what love had planned all along.

That Soulmates destined will always find each other.


Sonia, my princess,

I am sorry I am not home to meet you and your warrior (Yes, I know about him)

Help yourself to the brownies, I made them for you. There is more food in the fridge should you need it.

Your room as always is ready.

There are so many things that I should have told you about what and who you are, but I will let your mother do that as is her right. Keep an open mind, my dear. Go to my room and on the top shelf of my cupboard is a shoe box with your name on it. That, my dear Sonia, is your legacy and know this, if we never meet again I will be waiting to see you in Elyssia.

I love you,


Give the small note to your warrior, my dear, and make sure he doesn’t eat all the brownies.

Sonia frowned and sat down hard on the chair at the kitchen table. Why was everyone always so damn cryptic? Frustrated, she slammed the note down upon the kitchen table and gasped in pain as she hit her injured hand.

“Fuck! Shit! Bollocks!”

“Hellcat, let me see.”

Sonia again was shocked by how quick Cosmos had moved to her side. He gently cupped her injured hand within his own and slowly unravelled the bandages. Layer after layer came away, each one stained with more blood than the other. By the time he had completely taken it off a small pool of blood had collected in her palm.

“Shit, why is it still bleeding? Shouldn’t it have stopped by now?” Sonia lifted her worried gaze to that of Cosmos, his eyes focused completely on her hand and his frown matched hers as he paced his other palm over the wound and closed his eyes. Sonia was completely entranced — with his eyes shut his face was serene but still devastatingly handsome. His lips were her sole focus and the harder she tried to look elsewhere the more they came back to them. She wondered what it would be like to kiss them, to be at their mercy as they took control. Sonia was so engrossed in her own little fantasy world she nearly missed the warmth that had started to travel up her arm from her palm. She flicked her eyes from her hand back up to Cosmos and gasped as his own opened to reveal his emerald green eyes, they sparkled with a gold light.

“Cosmos,” she whispered. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to heal you,” Cosmos’ voice was deep and husky and Sonia was unable to tear her gaze from his. Her hand pulsed with heat and his eyes had turned almost golden. She leant forward as if being tugged, a mere breath separated them.

“But how?”

His voice seemed to get deeper and deeper as the heat built, “I know not how but I must.”

Sonia was surprised with how much emotion was laced in his words. Like healing her hand meant more, almost as if she meant something to him. The heat stopped and she immediately missed the tingle it had created, a forced glance away from his eyes that had returned to their stunning green she watched as he removed his hand revealing a now healed palm with only a small red scar that bisected her palm. The pain that she had spent the last twenty-four hours feeling had vanished but in its place was a slow burn, a burn for this mysteriously alpha male that threw her off balance.

Surely it wasn’t normal to have feelings like this so quickly after meeting someone. It couldn’t be normal to feel like your whole world depended and revolved around this one person. Every time he touched her she lost her train of thought and when he really looked at her with those emerald eyes it felt like he saw through her to her soul. The thing is, those eyes of his, they felt like she was coming home and that was dangerous.

“Cosmos,” his name fell from her lips a moment before she acted on her desire and pressed her own against his. She pressed softly at first, amazed at how soft they actually were. She must have taken him by surprise as he seemed to freeze, not moving a muscle, letting her explore. His lips parted slightly allowing Sonia’s tongue to delve into its heat. A slight whimper of pleasure escaped as she took in his taste, chocolate mixed with spice, that was unique to only him.

As if her groan had pulled him from his daze Cosmos reacted in that instant, his hands thrusted into her hair and held her still whilst he took over the kiss, branding her with his essence as he thrusted his tongue into the deep recesses of her mouth, mimicking his obvious intent with what he wanted to do to the rest of her body. He kept one hand in her hair and the other slid slowly down her body. His fingertips caressed her side, past her breast until they slid around her waist. With no effort he had her on his lap without even breaking the kiss that was destroying every memory she had of being kissed by another man. This was it for Sonia, this was the kiss and quite possibly the man, that ruined her for all future men.

Sonia’s hands clutched at his chest as she rode out the storm that was his kiss. Her body unconsciously rubbed against his in a bid to get closer. She was almost mindless until sanity slowly returned and she forced herself away. Her breaths ragged, Sonia unclenched her fingers from his sweater and faced him. His eyes blazed with lust, his own chest heaved as he rubbed a hand up her back and moved the other from her hair to her cheek.

“You are so damn beautiful.”

Sonia blushed and tilted her head away, embarrassed that she had thrown herself at him and also scared of the intense look he was throwing her way.

“Thank you for healing me, Cosmos,” she whispered, she still didn’t trust her voice. She felt him sweep a lock of hair behind her ear as he answered

“It was my pleasure, Sonia. I wish I could have don’t it sooner.” He took her palm into his hand and brought it to his lips. His eyes locked with hers as he kissed the centre right over the newly formed scar. His eyes claimed her just as the kiss had and for once Sonia wanted to embrace the feeling of belonging to someone and not just as someone’s trophy. He tightened his hold on her and brought his mouth to her ear.

“I would do a lot more than heal you, Sonia, if you would let me.” He kissed the skin just behind her ear, “I want the vision.” He sat back in the chair and let Sonia slide off his lap, a small smirk tilted his lips and he grabbed another brownie as well as the note left for him by her grandma and stood. “I will be outside should you need me, Sonia.”

Sonia’s mouth opened and closed. What the hell? Her face blushed bright red as she remembered the vision he was talking about. How did he know about that? She turned and hid her face, scared that he would see her own look of desire at the thought of what had happened. As she peeked over her shoulder he had already walked out of the kitchen leaving her alone to deal with the next step in finding out what the hell was going on. That man had her in knots but right now she had her legacy to find.


R J Thompson is a freelance writer of fantasy fiction/erotic. R J has always loved history so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy she started writing. With her debut novel Soulkiss already published R J has her sights set on producing some more mythical inspired novels along with a future series based on some hard assed demons.

She has many hobbies which include jewellery making, cross stitch, crafting and she also makes some awesome swag too. As well as this she also works out with her husband at their local gym and they both attend Caveman training. When R J isn’t writing she still works full time as a dental nurse and is also the Oral Health Educator for the practice.



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