Monday, 21 March 2016

Welcome to Saphhire Falls!! - Hot country boys & sizzling summer nights......Series SALE (One Week Only) & ReRead Event March 20th - 26th

The Sapphire Falls series is on SALE!

A Message From Erin: 
I love bringing new people to Sapphire Falls and to celebrate the upcoming release of book seven, Getting His Way (May 10th), and the upcoming Sapphire Falls Kindle World (May 19th), I've made it easy to take a trip to this fun, sexy town!

March 20-27th you can grab the series for only $5!

That's right!

Book one, Getting Out of Hand, is FREE,
while books two-six are only 99¢ each!


You can find the series everywhere!  Here are the links!


The whole Sapphire Falls series is on SALE everywhere...this week ONLY!!
Getting Out of Hand is FREE and
Getting Worked Up
Getting Dirty...
Getting It All
Getting Lucky
and Getting Over It
are each only 99¢ !! But only until March 27th!
Here's your chance to visit Sapphire Falls for only $5! grin emoticon
And Getting His Way, book seven, is coming May and is only $1.99, 50% off its regular price, during the PREORDER period only!
Here's where to find the series!

Why don't you come join in the fun and read along with other Sapphire Falls Fans and the amazing Erin Nicholas!!

Facebook Group: Welcome to Sapphire Falls

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