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Getting It All by Erin NIcholas ***Review***

Getting It All (Sapphire Falls, #4)
Book four in the bestselling Sapphire Falls series!

It's Tucker Bennet's turn to fall in love!

There’s nothing like summertime in Sapphire Falls and Tucker Bennett is looking forward to hosting his best friend’s four young sons for the next three months. This is their first trip to Tuck’s farm since their father’s passing, and he’s fully prepared to step up for the boys. He’s also thrilled by the instant attraction to their aunt Delaney. He’s only ever wanted three things in life—his farm, a wife and kids. He’s already got the farm. Now it looks like Fate has delivered the rest in one complete just-add-dirt-bikes-and-a-new-puppy package.

Delaney Callan is beyond grateful for Tucker’s help while she catches her breath from becoming a sudden surrogate mother to her nephews. And she’s not immune to the sexual tension bouncing between them. But with all her focus on not screwing everything up with her nephews, there’s no time for a relationship, especially with marriage-minded Tucker. Of course, a casual summer fling is something else. After all, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good barn…

Casual is the last thing Tucker wants. He’s set on taking care of Delaney and the boys, while she’s determined to prove she can go it alone. But she didn’t count on Sapphire Falls, the adorable little town filled with the loving, impossible-to-ignore Bennett family, well-meaning friends and everything four little boys could ever wish for.

What’s Delaney to do when the most impossible-to-ignore Bennett of all shows her the difference between what she needs and what she wants…and he turns out to be both?

If you’re a fan of Booze, bonfires, proposal-inducing pastry and using hay bales as a horizontal surface, this story is for you.


Tucker Bennett has finally met his match!!! :-) If you are a fan of the Bennett boys then you will love this latest instalment of Sapphire Falls. Not only will you be on the verge of tears one minute but you will also be laughing out loud the next as Tucker and Delaney share in their grief og losing their best friend. We also get more acquainted with Mama Bennett ad their family dynamics and it opens it all up for TJ and TY's books.
This is definitely a must read for Erin Nicholas and Sapphire Falls super fans as Tucker and Delaney embark on a summer fling, by the time you finish you will want to pack up and move to Sapphire Falls just to be one of the girls.
Another Massive HIT for the wonderful Erin Nicholas
Dawn Walsh Erin Nicholas Fan

 Erin Nicholas has created a fantastic town where everyone wants to live. We have fallen in love with four other couples so far and in this book it was Tuckers turn to find his Happily Ever After.
I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn't put it down. Delaney has a vulnerable side that Tucker can't help but be drawn to and want to protect her.
While they are on their journey of finding themselves and each other you get a great glimpse of some of the cutest kids around. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to read their story.
What captivates me about Erin's books is that they are well written, the characters are engaging and her writing transports you into the world of her characters. I loved my visit to Sapphire Falls and would love if the town truly did exist outside our heads and hearts.
Now that I have met Delaney and now that Tucker has found his love I am now eagerly awaiting the next instalment!
I would happily recommend this book and series to anyone who enjoys romance that can make you both laugh and cry and take you into their world for a while.
What are you waiting for...... Come join us in Sapphire Falls.
Jacqueline Lake Erin Nicholas Fan

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