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Mandy Thomas Author ****Review: Hard to feel Whole****

Mandy  Thomas

About this author

Mandy Thomas is an English born mother and teacher, living in Australia on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with her husband Barry and their two children. She enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a great book and glass of wine while soaking up the stunning Australian sunshine. Hard to Feel Whole is her debut novel and first in the Hard to Feel series. It follows Abbie James and her circle of friends through many of life’s challenges and possibilities.

Hard to feel Whole released Nov' 27th 2014

At a tender age, Abigail James experienced events no one should ever have to go through; abuse, betrayal, broken promises and the heartbreaking loss of a friend.
Is it possible for her to find peace after ten years of hiding behind a shield of shyness and anti-social behavior, developing an unrealistic expectation of relationships?
Can a ghost from her past show her what it is to be truly loved and cherished? Can he make her feel whole again.

Review     Dawn Walsh

This was a new to me author and i did not know what to expect, being book 1 in the series it really sets the bar high for the other books.
The story of how Abbie and Jake fall in love is written really well, it is full of drama and is an emotional roller coaster. The writer makes you feel like you are going through things with her characters.
Abbie is a very strong, shy girl who only trusts her friend Jo and sticks with running. She has some very bad demons to battle to overcome her past. This is where we meet Jake after being seperated at the age of 8 and now being reunited 10years later, Jake shows Abbie what true love and support look like in being a good boyfriend.
It is a very raw and emotional compelling story that will sometimes have you laughing and crying with the characters :-)

Things people say about this book
  • "Great debut novel"
  • "A book written with a great amount of sensitivity"
  • " A nice read"
  • "A story of first love"
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