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Getting Lucky by Erin NIcholas ***Review***

Getting Lucky (Sapphire Falls, #5)

TJ Bennett knows one thing for certain—being in love isn’t for him. Been there, done that, has the scars to prove it.

But that’s before he meets colorful, sweet, slightly-kooky Hope Daniels.

Hope is only in town temporarily. She simply wants to have a cup of coffee with the father she’s never known. That’s it. She doesn’t need to buy any Father’s Day cards or have a date for any Father-Daughter dances. She just wants to have a conversation with the man who stole her mother’s heart twenty six summers ago in Sapphire Falls.

But when her directions lead her to TJ’s house instead, everything becomes a lot more complicated… and a lot more interesting.
Because there’s nothing like a big gruff introvert to push this extrovert’s let-me-make-it-all-better buttons.

All of TJ’s plans to stay uninvolved and out of her way evaporate quickly and before he knows it, Hope’s got him thinking differently about everything—family, home, heartbreak and maybe, just maybe, the fact that he’s never actually been in love… before now.


All anyone wants is TJ Bennett to smile and be happy again.......
He has accepted his grumpy bachelorhood but when a rainbow mixed with a tornado in the form of Hope mistakenly ends up on TJ's farm things change. From the moment they meet sparks fly and we are taken on a whirlwind journey with all our favorites including the wonderful Kathy Bennett.If you are an Erin Nicholas fan then this is totally worth a read, you will be captivated right from the beginning, you will definitely laugh and some might even cry as we take a trip back to Sapphire Falls with the sinfully sexy TJ Bennett and the funny pixie style Hope Daniels
Dawn Walsh Erin Nicholas Fan

This is the fifth book in the Sapphire Falls series from one of my all time favourite authors. This book really has to be marked as one of my favourites.

In this book you will most certainly lose your heart to both TJ and Hope. They are an amazing couple, strong independent and vulnerable to each other in the best possible way. This story grips you from the beginning, the essence of Hope, her unique outlook on life will draw you in and make you want to climb into the book so she can become your best friend.
TJ is a gruff but caring man, he doesn't want to be drawn to her but he is, TJ's heart is very big and beautiful, some thing he doesn't feel comfortable sharing with any one other than his family but Hope coaxes him out of his gruff shell with her.

The characters Erin Nicholas has written are heartwarming but also people you want to actively seek out to ensure you have awesome people like this in your life. The way the story develops and engages you as a reader is so unique to the type of writer Erin is. She is the epitome of a contemporary romance writer but she adds such a twist of fun and laughter in her books. She writes amazing stories but they are not too heavy, they always leave you wanting to read more in the best possible way!

If you have not read this series or any other book by Erin Nicholas then you definitely should. She is an author you will wish you found sooner and find yourself devouring her books from the first chapter.

Enjoy, I definitely did.

Jacqueline Lake Erin Nicholas

The Sapphire Falls series:

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Getting Lucky, book 5
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