Sunday, 18 October 2015

Samantha Chase & Noelle Adams: *** Duty Bound***

Duty Bound (The Protectors, #1)

Duty Bound The Protectors  #1

It was a great start to introduce us to The Protectors Series
Harper and Levi seem to have an instant love/hate relationship. Harper is extremely stubborn and try's to be strong. She hates Levi interfering in her life and treating her like a child.
Levi is trying to look out for his dead best friends sister. Being an ex-marine Levi is cool and intimidating while realising some of the best things in life come in small packages and that's definitely the case with Harper.
We are taken on a journey where Harper mourns the loss of her big brother and sets out on a mission to get answers about his death and doesn't seem to care about the possible danger she is in. Levi is battling his own demons over his best friends death and trying to keep Harper out of danger.
Favourite Quote from the book - "There were things that happened that you wish hadn't occurred. There were people you lost that you wish you'd been able to keep. That was life. Everything that was wrong in the world couldn't always be fixed. No use getting hung up on it".

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