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Getting Over It By Erin Niholas ***Review***

Getting Over It (Sapphire Falls, #6)

Hailey Conner has been driving Ty Bennett crazy for years. And vice versa.
It’s kind of their thing. But Ty is ready to make their thing into something more. And he’s moved in next door to make it happen.

But is he *really* ready?

Ty loves the confident, sassy, sexy mayor’s Ice Queen act...because he loves making her melt. But he soon finds there’s more underneath all that frostiness. And things are about to come to a full boil...


Hailey & Ty
Golden boy Ty loves nothing more than pushing the Mayors buttons!! What he thinks is her being obsessed are actually her little quirks.
Its a well known fact one that they have worked hard to achieve that Ty and Hailey rub each other the wrong way and love throwing insults back and forth, but funnily enough Ty just thinks this is a form of foreplay between the two of them.
In this lovely heart warming sexy story we get to know both Ty who's aim is to always try for the gold and the uptight force of nature that is Hailey. It is eye opening from start to finish as we embark on a love story where there is no shortage of laughs and issues for this wonderful couple to overcome and conquer. Another great read by the wonderfully talented Erin Nicholas
Dawn Walsh Erin Nicholas Fan

Another captivating and enriching read from my favourite author!

Getting to know Hailey and Ty in Getting Over It was definitely one of my favourites. The tension between them has been building over a few books but it was a delight to get to know them and how they are together in this book.

I loved that Hailey's softer side was shown a lot more in this, it takes you a while to warm to her at the start of the series as she does come across as an Ice Queen but I have slowly been coming around to loving her, and it has developed into a total girl crush on her as this book shows how awesome she really is.

Ty's cockiness is a signature of those hunky Bennett men but it was great to see how well he complimented Hailey and how good he was for her.
I loved that he was self aware enough to admit his shortcomings, even if it was just to himself.

This book and their journey together really did capture me from start to finish.
In all of Erin Nicholas' books her characters really become a part of you and have a place in your heart as you want to share in their joy and make their sadness go away like they are really your friends.

I, like so many other Sapphire Falls fans I am sure, really do wish this place could be real.

I would highly recommend anyone to try the first book Getting Out Of Hand, and fall in love with all of these characters. But even if you don't start at the start there is nothing stopping you from falling in love with Ty and Hailey right now.
You really can find your happily ever after in Sapphire Falls.
Jacqueline Lake Erin Nicholas Fan 

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